KS4 Food Technology: Lunch in the Library

A chef works with a GCSE class to create a three course meal Chef Michael Coaker is on a mission to big up food and food technology in schools through the Chef’s Adopt a School’s project. In this programme he visits Knights Templar School and works with Pat Pett’s GCSE class to impress the head and governors with their culinary skills.

Michael sets them the challenge of cooking a three course lunch on a theme of spring, with Mediterranean dishes made from fresh ingredients. They serve it in the library, complete with white table clothes and spring flowers.

The proof of the pudding – in this case a special Pavlova Roulade – is in the eating, and it is a spectacular success. It shows the importance of taking Food Technology to the table and begs the question, what is the status of Food Technology compared with ‘academic’ subjects?

Back in the kitchen the students reflect on having to drop the subject for A level and Pat reveals that she must retire soon. Who will replace her given the national shortage of qualified teachers?

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