KS3/4 Science – Fighting HIV: The Issue

How one young man is living with HIV This programme looks at the science behind HIV and AIDS and recent developments in prevention and medication.

Clint Walters learned he was HIV positive eight years ago, when he was only 17. The news shattered Clint and his family, but worse was to come. Clint’s rapid progression to full-blown AIDS almost killed him. Thankfully modern combination therapies have restored Clint to almost full health.

Clint meets with various top scientists to find out about the science behind HIV and AIDS. Firstly he meets Dr Michael Brady, from Kings College London, who explains why controlling HIV is so difficult and talks about the difficulties of keeping to a drug regime that lasts for life. Dr. Anton Pozniak talks about vaccine trials, whilst Prof. Jonathan Weber talks about the most recent developments in HIV prevention and the microbicide programme, which is currently being tested in Africa and the UK.

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