KS3/4 Maths – Bearings

The Mathagony Aunt shows how bearings can get pupils exploring ‘Mathagony Aunt’ Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard receives a letter asking for suggestions about teaching bearings to all ability KS3 pupils.

She visits Coombe Dean School in Plymouth and explains that bearings is an ideal topic to take pupils out of the classroom to explore with a purpose. The programme takes a trip out to sea to show how bearing are used in the real world and Wendy demonstrates an early Chinese ‘nail’ compass that pupils could easily make.

The teaching session starts with some revision of compass points, before pupils go out into the school grounds to follow a ‘treasure hunt’ route around school using a hand compass and their knowledge of the main compass points.

Pupils then tackle the same task using full three-figure bearings.

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