KS3/4 Global Citizenship – Humanitarian Education for Citizenship

Year 8 students work with the Red Cross to mentor primary pupils Operation Amphibian is a simulation activity designed to show young children how the Red Cross deals with emergencies. In the simulation primary school children must work together to respond to a severe flood which has displaced an entire village.
The project is peer-led; secondary pupils lead the primary school children through the entire simulation. At Hamstead Hall Community Learning Centre in Birmingham a lively group of twelve Year 8 students volunteer to act as peer educators and run the project themselves.

We see Gill Allbutt of the Red Cross and her team training the peer educators, developing their leadership skills while gradually giving them responsibility and ownership of the exercise. Tasks include teaching first aid, land mapping, shelter construction and clean water distribution.
We follow the peer educators’ journey as they train and then take on the exercise themselves, and finally we hear their reflections on the activity and what they have learnt.

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