A look at the teachings of gender equality to girls With schools having to implement the statutory Gender Equality Duty, we’ve come to Mulberry School for Girls to witness how they make gender issues resonate in all their complexity for their students. They capitalise on their location in London’s East End to invite in to the school historic figures from the long fight for women’s rights at the nearby Dagenham Ford plant. Over juice and sandwiches, these skilled machinists and former strikers open the eyes of Mulberry girls to the time before the 1970 Equal Pay Act, when a skilled woman worker was automatically paid less than a man sweeping the factory floor – just because she was a woman. Mulberry’s sophisticated approach to promoting girls’ confidence, knowledge and leadership skills is embedded in the way they teach the curriculum as well. We see their preparations to celebrate International Women’s Day, and find out how the school is integrating its year-long exploration of equal pay struggles across its teaching.

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