KS3/4 Design and Technology – The Future’s Handheld

Pupils try out specially adapted PDA software to enhance learning Filmed at Saltash.net Community School near Plymouth, the programme follows a cutting-edge trial of interactive handheld computers specially customised for the classroom to enhance pupil learning and assessment. The trials are part of a prototype design and technology GCSE exam being developed for the DfES and QCA by Professor Richard Kimbell of Goldsmith’s College, London. The pupils in a year 10 D&T class spend two days testing out specially adapted software on handheld computers called PDAs. These are multi-functioned with a typing and drawing facility, they takes photos and you can voice record comments and ideas. The pupils can also dip into each other’s work on the PDAs and their digital work is continuously beamed up onto the teacher’s laptop ready to be assessed and commented upon.

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