KS3/4 Design and Technology – Designing for CAD/CAM 2

A challenging Year 9 class tries some new ideas for CAD/CAM D&T trouble-shooter Steve Stott has devised some innovative ideas to help students design for CAD/CAM. He wants to get back to pencil and paper, and move away from reliance other people’s creative ideas.

He’s trying out a new scheme of work at John Kelly Technology College in Brent, where over a third of students speak English as a second language. Students here can be challenging, and as a result, the school has adopted quite a formulaic curriculum, with classes working to the same designs.

The programme follows a group of year 9 students who after some initial uncertainty swiftly warm to Steve’s ideas. The school’s head of department, Alan Patterson, is greatly impressed by the experience, and staff at the school agree that it’s vital that D&T classrooms must always find space for traditional and original designing techniques.

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