KS3/4 Dance – You Should be Dancing

A group of male teachers learn to dance for the first time Fiona Smith, Principal Lecturer at Chelsea School, the University of Bristol and Artistic Director of Kick Start, is on a mission to encourage blokes to dance. In secondary schools some of her male student teachers stage performances to inspire boys to express their strength, agility and power through dance. Sam Carter, second year PE student teacher, welcomes the new PE curriculum as it offers more opportunities for pupils and teachers. Alex and Mark, two first year students, who are more at home on the rugby pitch, tentatively experience their first dance class with Fiona. She teaches four contrasting movements and then asks the class to work in pairs to build a sequence on the theme of ‘Brothers’. Alex and Mark rise to the occasion and enjoy the experience. They talk of the different demands it made on them and why they think male teachers should teach dance. Other student teachers speak of overcoming the stigma of being a dancer and the balance dance gives to the curriculum.

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