KS3/4 Creative Arts – Figures in the City

Contemporary artist Albert Irvin inspires a Year 8 class project Advanced Skills Art teacher Rod Hepworth uses the work of contemporary artist Albert Irvin to stimulate his KS3 class in a large-scale painting project exploring figures in the city.
As a starting point, students collect images of figures in the street using their mobile phones and digital cameras. The images are then downloaded on to computers and re-formatted using readily available software. When the Year 8 students are introduced to the work of Albert Irvin they are excited by the possibilities presented and they begin work by projecting their street images directly onto large panels and, using a variety of means, produce their own paintings and in the process surprise themselves. The programme aims to encourage teachers who lack confidence with contemporary art projects. We see how Rod encourages his pupils to explore and risk-take in a safe arts environment.

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