KS3/4 Creative Arts – 2D/3D

A Year 10 art class construct a tower from stools Advanced Skills Art teacher Rod Hepworth challenges his Year 10 GCSE group to construct a tower using stools. Working against the clock they attempt to build as tall a tower as possible. Then they make large drawings working on the floor and explore the concept of negative space as they examine the structural quality of the tower. Rod introduces the monochrome paintings of artist Franz Kline and the group discusses the similarities between his work and their own. The challenge is then to work in small groups to assemble free standing sculptures based on their drawings which are then compared to the work of Anthony Caro. The final works are a revelation to the pupils.
This programme is designed to encourage teachers who may be apprehensive about introducing the work of contemporary artists to stimulate their pupils’ work. While Rod doesn’t prescribe the outcome, the lesson is carefully structured to ensure that pupils can experiment and risk-take safely.

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