KS3/4 Citizenship – The Global Dimension

How global issues can be integrated across the curriculum The new secondary curriculum encourages a global dimension to mainstream education. So how can concepts more familiar to Citizenship or geography be woven into a coherent approach including other subject areas?

Prince Henry’s in Otley has had an international emphasis for years. But they’ve moved on from tokenistic theme days to threading global issues across the timetable; we see global themes of ‘Lord of the Flies’ discussed in a GCSE English lesson.

Meadowhead School in Sheffield are earlier in their process; Alison Huntley from Leeds Development Education Centre works with teachers to develop their ideas. Year 7 maths use a trading game to practice surface area calculations, and a history lesson compares life under William the Conqueror to present-day Congo. Teachers discuss outcomes and the need to collaborate across subject areas.

Teachers in both schools state their commitment to the key purpose – to prepare pupils for life in the global community.

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