KS3/4 Citizenship – The Bomb Factor – Nuclear Weapons

Learning about nuclear disarmament and deterrent at KS3/4 At Hessle High School in Hull they’re having a citizenship debate about nuclear disarmament and deterrence. The class are given various activities to highlight different issues. They are told what the consequences would be if a nuclear bomb were to land on their school first of all. Then they take part in a quiz to clarify some facts about nuclear weapons. To illustrate their opinions, they do an opinion (continuum) line to see what their views on nuclear weapons are.

The Bomb Factor activity asks groups to perform a piece which illustrates the stance of a country or an organisation which is either for or against nuclear weapons. Their performances are peer-reviewed by a panel of judges who announce the winners of the performance at the end, before a final opinion line and anonymous vote to clarify whose views have changed during the lesson.

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