KS3/4 Citizenship: Human Rights and Wrongs

A look at the benefits of a whole-school approach to citizenship At Mill Chase Community School in Hampshire, the benefits of a whole-school approach to citizenship are apparent. Older students are involved in teaching younger ones, former students organise activities on Human Rights Day and teachers work together to timetable lessons so students can identify citizenship connections across the curriculum.

Citizenship coordinator Chris Waller guides us through a series of lessons given to a Year 9 group by staff from three different departments. Chris’s own PSHE lesson on landmines offers an opportunity for discussion and a chance to take responsible action. By studying the work of Henry Moore in Art, Year 9 will learn techniques to express and record emotions beyond their own experiences. A history lesson on the Holocaust encourages thought and opinion about rights and responsibilities.

Students are offered provocative and memorable experiences that they can take beyond the school gates and into the wider community.

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