KS3 RE – Hinduism and Spirituality – A Lesson

A new approach to teaching Year 9 pupils about Hinduism The challenge when teaching KS3 spirituality is how to avoid making the subject seem abstract and divorced from the pupil’s own life experience.

To help overcome this the RE advisor for Brent, Beth Stockley, has been developing a new scheme of work for teaching KS3 . We see this put into practice by Laura Morris, an RE teacher from Kingsbury High School, in a Yr 9 lesson on Hinduism.

The lesson involves learning grids and class discussion. It starts with an analogy, as well as a learning styles quiz to help capture interest. This is linked to the different approaches to God later in the lesson. It also incorporates the Teachers’ TV pupil resource programme ‘Hindu Spiritual Pathways’.

Beth and Laura analyse what went well and how future lessons could move the learning forward.

The resource programme featured in the lesson is free to download from www.teachers.tv.

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