KS3 RE – Hindu Spiritual Pathways

Four young Hindus discuss their views on Hinduism and God This classroom resource gives an introduction to Hindu beliefs and practices. It focuses on the four pathways to God – karma, raja, jnana and bhaki yoga – introducing the Hindu pluralistic approach to spirituality.

Four young Hindus share their understanding of what Hinduism means to them and who or what God is. They quiz four Hindu experts, including Jay Lakhani from the Hindu council of Brent, on the four pathways to God, and reflect on which pathway best suits their personalities.

The programme relates to the religious beliefs and practices element of the national curriculum. It is designed to be watched either in one viewing, or in separate sections. i.e:. What is Hinduism; What or who is God; A summary of the main Hindu beliefs; The four yogas or pathways to God; How do these four pathways relate to your personality?

There is an accompanying programme, ‘Hinduism and Spirituality – A Lesson’, showing how one teacher uses elements of this resource in her lesson.

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