KS3 Physics – Sound

A KS3/4 physics lesson idea demonstrating the effects of sounds Using high speed camera technology Trevor Cox, professor of acoustics at the University of Salford, shows us a range of demonstrations using sound, starting with what happens when you slow down the effect of rubbing the rim of a glass of water to 80 times less than normal speed.
Using a tuning fork, a triangle, a cymbal and a guitar he demonstrates the impact of sound on a soap bubble, burning candles, and a wine glass – with spectacular results. Students are also encouraged to examine the impact of different frequencies of sound.
Using an oscilloscope Trevor shows the difference in frequencies produced by different octaves played on a saxophone as well as those on the soprano, alto, baritone and tenor saxophones. The ‘confusaphone’ shows what happens when your left and right hearing is mixed up and he examines the effect of sonic boom created by a cracking whip. Finally Trevor examines the effect of echo and the varying sounds we can create with our own bodies.

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