KS3 Modern Foreign Languages – Thinking Skills

A look at the employment of thinking skills in MFL This programme demonstrates how Andy Markham teaches Russian to mixed ability students using various techniques he has tried and tested – though he hadn’t identified them until recently as thinking skills.

He believes the methods can be used in the teaching of any language. Using mimes, connecting words from other languages with similar spellings, actions and games like ‘Simon Says’, Andy sees great benefits. He explains how his students have become more confident with languages and are enjoying lessons more. The MFL dept at Frederick Gough has been encouraged by Andy to employ the same methods in all language lessons and have pooled their resources. Books take a back seat in lessons and Andy and his staff explain that they are inspired by everything around them when it comes to lesson planning. Finally language expert Wendy Adeniji offers her opinion on the success of the approach. This programme would be of interest to any MFL teacher.

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