KS3 History – Walter Tull – the Pupils’ Perspective

Following Fahed and Javaad on their study of pioneer Walter Tull Fahed and Javaad are friends and partners in their Year 9 history class with Dan Lyndon. We follow their learning journey as they study the black footballer and WWI officer, Walter Tull. Over six weeks we catch up with Fahed and Javaad as they learn about the significance of Walter Tull’s life.
Walter Tull, the grandson of a slave, was an orphan. He was adopted by a mixed race family, signed to Clapton Town Football and became a successful pro footballer. Later in life he joined up with the Footballers’ Battalion and was killed in the second battle of the Somme. He was a pioneer his whole life, becoming a professional footballer and breaking the army’s colour bar, but what relevance does his story have to two lads from a London comprehensive? Interviews with the two boys will reveal why they like history and what they think the point of learning history is. The films will also show which parts of Dan Lyndon’s lessons work for Javaad and Fahed and which techniques turn them off.

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