KS3 History – Walter Tull – Race, Football and Black Britain 1909

Historical context is used to teach about continuity and change Walter Tull, black WW1 officer and First Division footballer, is engaging subject matter for Dan Lyndon’s Year 9s to explore racism in both 1909 and the present. In a game between Spurs and Bristol City, Walter Tull was subjected to racial abuse from the crowds and was withdrawn from the game. This lesson looks at continuity and change, exploring with the Year 9 class the first recorded incident of racism in football – a sport still too often spoiled by racism.
The lesson kicks off with a clip from the 2004 Spanish/England friendly where black British players were abused with monkey chants from the crowds. Walter Tull was abused in ‘language lower than Billingsgate’. The class’s task is to write a match report on the events of the game, using historical facts. Dan Lyndon explores his belief that multi-cultural history should be central to the history curriculum.

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