KS3 History – The History Class 4 – Assessment

We take an in-depth look at a workshop for assessment One teacher, one class, one term.
For 3 months we’ve had unique access to follow Reuben Moore – History teacher – as he teaches his year 7 class across the whole Spring term. From the big issues of planning for progression, through to developing good history questions and the nitty-gritty of delivering personalised learning, we reveal how he deals with the demands faced by the modern-day History teacher.

In this, the last of four programmes, Reuben takes an NQT and a PGCE-trainee along with him to Peterborough for a workshop led by his former teacher-training colleague, Sally Burnham, now a specialist in assessment. Looking at the challenge of assessment and the role of NC level descriptors, Sally discusses different ways of ‘doing’ assessment.

Reuben reflects on the end of term and how his Year 7 pupils have developed over the term, meeting with their parents for the first time at parents evening.

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