KS3 Food Technology: Belvue Garden Curry

Chef Michael Coaker creates a lesson for SEN pupils Chef Michael Coaker works with Food Technology teacher Pauline Salta at Belvue School – a school for pupils with special educational needs in west London. The pupils have been growing their own fruit and vegetables in the school garden and challenge Michael to create a dish for them to cook and share with friends.

Michael has come prepared with herbs and spices and decides on a vegetable curry. They slice the vegetables and add in all the other ingredients, eventually combining their cooking pots into one large pan. To go with the curry they roll out the dough for chappatis and prepare a salsa dip to Pauline’s own recipe. For the drinks they use berries picked that morning and mix fruit smoothies.

They take the curry outside into the quadrangle where tables have been set for the pupils and special guests, including the headteacher, Shelagh O’Shea. The curry, salsa and chappatis are a success but the smoothies don’t make it – they’ve all been drunk before leaving the kitchen.

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