KS3 Food Technology: 55 Minutes

A chef learns what it’s like to cook against the school clock Chef Michael Coaker is on a mission to big up food and food technology in schools through the Chef’s Adopt a School’s project. In this programme he visits Rosedale College in west London and is challenged to complete a dish in a single 55 minute lesson.
The head of food technology at Rosedale College is Denise Buttigieg and she takes the first Year 9 class while Michael assists and prepares lemon curd and meringue for their lemon curd tartlets. It’s a rush but they just about complete their product but have to stay on to taste them.
Michael takes over for the next Year 9 class and pairs up the pupils to do both the pastry and filling for a spinach and ricotta pasty. Again the pace is frantic and as the clock ticks down Denise says, ‘The bell’s about to go, and I’m worried now. They haven’t finished and they have to go home.’
It’s a great experience for the pupils but for Denise and Michael it proves that even with the best facilities and a chef on hand, 55 minutes is not enough.

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