Year 6 RE pupils learn about symbols and symbolism The Year 6 pupils of Easington Colliery Primary School, near Durham, did a six week project learning about symbols and symbolism in religious and everyday life. Every week they observed symbols and symbolism in different religions and then found equivalents in their own lives. These symbols were entered into their own ‘memorial’ books, which covered not only religious symbols and their home and family life but also their time at the primary school that they were leaving behind. At the end of the course many took their memorial books on to their secondary school, Easington Community School, where they formed the start of their Year 7 RE course.

This programme is part a learning activity about symbols in religion, and part an inspiration piece for your pupils to create their own symbolism project to help bridge the gap between primary and secondary school. The project is designed to fulfil both RE attainment targets: \”learning about religions\” and \”learning from religions\”.

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