KS2 Modern Foreign Languages – Introducing MFL into Schools

Examing the issues of implementing Modern Foreign Languages By 2010, all primary schools need to be offering MFL to KS2 classes.

‘Introducing MFL into Schools’ looks at how one school, Hampton Hill Juniors in Richmond, has overcome the barriers to getting MFL up and running, offering its own solutions to the areas of staffing, budget and CPD.

Headteacher Bill Jerman talks through the issues he has had to deal with. These include the key questions of who teaches MFL – a class teacher who with limited language skills or a specialist language teacher – and how are they trained. The school have chosen to offer French, but we also see how they have recently piloted Japanese with a Year Three class.

Other issues covered are, how foreign language assistants can be used in classrooms and where schools can access these skills, the importance of an MFL Coordinator and integrating MFL into the whole school.

Anne Farren, General Advisor for MFL for the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, provides expert advice.

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