KS2 Modern Foreign Languages – Activity-Based Learning

Pupils learn to talk about themselves through activities ‘Activity-based Learning’ focuses on a French lesson which aims to help the pupils talk about themselves. The class learn vocabulary about pets and how to use structures ”j’ai’ and ‘mon/ma’ in different situations.

CPD trainer and Advanced Skills Teacher, Christine Capon, takes this lesson which could be led by teachers with any level of French.

The lesson follows three stages. Stage one focuses on a range of audio, visual and kinaesthetic approaches to introduce and consolidate new vocabulary. The class then practice their new vocabulary in small groups using cue and response techniques.

The third part provides a context for the pupils to use the new vocabulary, which avoids pure repetition. The class teacher leads an ‘introductions’ game, where the pupils’ dress in wigs and respond spontaneously to other pupils’ characters.

Anne Farren, General Advisor for MFL at Richmond, provides expert commentary.

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