KS2 Maths – Knitting

Using knitting to teach maths When Jenni Stather organised a knitting workshop she quickly discovered that many children with English as an additional language come from traditions in which knitting and other handicrafts were commonly practised. Seeing their enthusiasm, Jenni wondered how she could use this to invigorate her maths teaching. Jenni, of Shaftesbury Primary in Newham, is joined by maths consultant Isaac Anoom, and the pair team-teach pupils from Years 5 and 6.

A range of activities, all with a knitting theme but some requiring no knitting skills at all, are demonstrated. These are used as the basis for calculating measurement, estimating and predicting, ordering and sequencing and working out area and perimeter.

Celebrity knitting designer Sasha Kagan explains why maths is integral to her craft while Lynne McLure, Editor, Primary Mathematics, believes that some of the most inspiring teaching combines practical challenge and individual teachers’ passions.

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