KS2 Literacy – Boys’ Writing 2

We examine a school where boys are keen to read and write A three-year research project examining ways of raising boys’ achievement has found literacy can’t be separated from self esteem and learning style.

In this programme, Dr Eve Bearne returns to Ardleigh Green Juniors, one of the schools which took part in the project.

Headteacher John Morris discusses the emphasis on mixed ability teaching and the focus on speaking and listening which have been at the heart of his strategy.

One of the keys to success lies in overcoming boys’ negative perceptions of themselves as writers and learners. An emphasis on purpose, pride & collaborative peer support is boosting self esteem and achievement. Offering pupils choices in their reading materials and encouraging independent learning, especially through group work and response partners, have also proved effective.

Underlying all these approaches is coherent management of learning at the school and at classroom level. Author on literacy, Sue Palmer reflects on the school’s strategies.

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