KS2 History – Chronology Workshop

A look at activities designed to help learn about chronology To help you teach the difficult topic of chronology, this workshop offers some newly-developed activities, specifically designed to develop a chronological understanding in pupils.

The activities include a lively time-machine game, a revamped version of the time-line activity, as well as some maths and literacy quizzes designed as a plenary.

Leading the workshop is Alan Hodkinson, senior lecturer at the University of Chester who specialises in teaching chronology. Road-testing the activities are a number of primary teachers and headteachers from a range of schools, both inner-city and rural. Seeing how they get on with the activities should give you some ideas of how your pupils may find them and how you may want to tailor the activities to your specific class.

So if you’re stuck for ways of teaching chronology, or finding that the old techniques are becoming tired, this workshop could offer you some new and fresh ways of teaching chronology effectively.

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