KS2 English for Pupils – Three Kinds of Writing

This programme illustrates three different forms of writing Three forms of writing are visually illustrated in this programme. Each section is designed for use as a stand-alone resource for the classroom.

In the Personal Writing section, three very different people describe themselves: Cliff is a buffet steward who feels he is ‘past his sell-by-date’; Jane says there are two of her, depending on what mood she is in; and 14-year-old Karuna thinks he is ‘just what the girls like’!

In the Recipe section, Chef Simon Rimmer devises a recipe for Brilliant Banana Muffins. He shops for ingredients and then calls on the help of four pupils at a local school to help him with the cooking method and to write it all down.

In the Poem section, Alan Peat finds inspiration for a poem in city centre of Manchester. He wanders the streets making notes, sits down to work on the words, and then performs his rap out loud with a human beat box to accompany him.

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