KS1/2 Science – KS2: Learning with Nicole

A science lesson from the viewpoint of Nicole, a Year 6 pupil This programme observes a science lesson from the viewpoint of Year 6 pupil Nicole, from St Mary’s Primary School in Harborne, Birmingham. The science lesson is about plants and growing.
We follow Nicole as she takes over from her teacher, John Blaney, to give a PowerPoint presentation on the plants in the school playground.
The class is divided into groups where they investigate the different factors that effect plant growth. Nicole’s group are investigating the effect different levels of light have on seedling growth.
Throughout the programme Nicole interacts with her group, deciding on the methods to control the different light levels. John Blaney uses a ‘post-it note’ method and collation board for the children to show their recordings. We see how Nicole copes with this.
The programme observes how she learns, sees what parts of the activities she finds fascinating, and also looks at how she moves across Key Stage 2 and also touches on Key Stage 3.

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