KS1/2 RE – Using Stories the Jewish Way

Incorporating Jewish storytelling techniques to engage pupils There’s nothing like a well-told story to draw pupils into Religious Education. Here the Jewish storytelling technique of ‘Parades’ is shown in action by a Year 6 class engaging with the story of Abraham and Isaac.

Laurie Rosenberg, from Simon Marks Jewish Primary School, is passionate about storytelling. His approach is to incorporate the Jewish technique of ‘Parades’, which involves breaking down a story into four dimensions: what it says, what it means, what’s the story. and what is the hidden meaning.

Laurie’s class re-enacts the story of Abraham and Isaac as a way of investigating the four dimensions. From setting the scene, through to rehearsals and a mini-performance, the pupils’ engagement and captivation shows the magical power story can have.

With plenty of insight and guidance from Laurie, ‘Using stories the Jewish Way’, aims to give you the confidence and know-how to try this approach out for yourself and adapt it to other stories in RE.

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