KS1/2 RE – Experiential Approaches to Hinduism

An RE specialist teaches three lessons exploring devotion Inspirational AST and RE specialist Georgina Mulhall believes children learn RE best from enriching experiences, and from being taught by ‘concept’ rather than by ‘religion’.

Georgina teaches three lessons exploring the concept of devotion. Year 4s first role-play as archaeologists speculating about Hindu artefacts and then go into role as devotees worshipping in a Hindu temple. Finally they apply the concept of devotion to their own lives. It’s fun, inclusive, there’s no right or wrong and it encourages higher-order thinking.

As RE is culturally sensitive and subjective, Georgina believes it’s often side-lined. Here she sums up the values of a creative, concept-driven approach and advises on how to use role-play with confidence.

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