KS1/2 RE – Big Ideas for Small People – Lesson Analysis

How do you explain philosophical concepts to a child? This discussion programme looks at how primary teachers can best plan, manage and assess RE learning which promotes the asking of ‘big’ or puzzling questions.

Following a viewing of the ‘Big Ideas for Small People’ lesson, the panel of practictioners and experts review key issues such as the balance between AT1 & AT2, the use of stories in RE, techniques to open up pupils’ thinking, the use of vocabulary and the need to distance pupils from any one particular religion and its hidden assumptions.

The panel features Will Ord, a leading Philosophy-for-Children trainer, Julie Grove, former head of the Association for Religious Education Inspectors, Advisors and Consultants (AREIAC), Paul Newbould, the teacher of the ‘Big Ideas’ lesson and Kym Porter, another primary school teacher who helped develop the lesson.

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