KS1/2 PSHE – Talking about Bullying

Using PSHE as part of a broader strategy to tackle bullying One school’s approach to using PSHE as part of broader strategy in tackling bullying has been seen as instrumental in their swift exit from special measures.
Aggressive and bullying behaviour were big issues at Hollickwood Primary School, North London. A year later OFSTED judged behaviour to be ‘outstanding’. So how have they done this? It’s all about developing practical ways to help pupils understand bullying, manage their emotions and above all to ‘tell’. Head teacher Chris Ryan’s first concern is to ensure that everyone understands exactly what bullying is. Year 6 created their own anti-bullying interactive power point looking at the feelings of all those involved in bullying which they present to other classes. And to help potential bullies manage their emotions all pupils are taught calming tricks. Deputy head John Westmore explains how emotionally articulate pupils have become and that creates an environment where bullying, although not stamped out, fails to thrive.

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