KS1/2 PSHE – Drugs Education

How schools equip students to make informed choices about drugs This programme features new techniques for teaching pupils the facts about drugs and equipping them with the skills in order to make informed choices.

Saltaire Primary and Riddlesden St Mary’s Primary take on the challenge of building an effective drugs education programme for their schools. Advice is offered by PSHE educator Jan Newman from Life Education Centre who visits St Mary’s to deliver their own age-specific PSHE lessons.

The programme focuses on how the knowledge is differentiated by age and built on year by year from reception to Year 6. An example of this is their efforts to make younger pupils aware of how special their bodies are and how to look after them.

It also shows how the schools introduce pupils to the different types of drugs and their consequences, including both legal and illegal drugs, and use role-play to help the children prepare to make assertive decisions about drugs in the future.

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