KS1/2 Modern Foreign Languages – Strategies and Pay-offs – Spanish to Year 6

How progression in grammar and literacy can be built into MFL How can progression in grammar and literacy be built in to a school’s MFL strategy with the help of its LEA, and what is the wider value of teaching an MFL is at a Primary level?

The example of Arnot Community Primary, Liverpool, a Centre of Excellence in MFL, with Spanish speakers on staff, and pupils learning Spanish from Foundation onwards is used here to help provide some answers. It examines what Arnot is achieving with children by Year 6, and explores the questions of what being a Centre of Excellence in MFL entails.

As well as focusing on the numeracy work and games in Martin Fiztgerald’s Year 5-6 class, we hear from LEA Advisors Jayne Patten and Sheila Grady, Spanish Co-ordinator Teresa Miller, and Foreign Language Assistant Lucia Ábalos, as well as, crucially, the non-specialist teachers who are delivering the strategies in the classroom.

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