KS1/2 Modern Foreign Languages – Integrating Spanish – Reception to Year 3

Introducing Spanish to the primary curriculum In anticipation of the need for every primary school to deliver KS2 MFL by 2009, this programme explores how one school, Arnot Community Primary in Liverpool, is introducing Spanish.

Pupils from Reception to Year 3 learn greetings, names of animals and colours, days of the week, simple conversations and even basic number work through an inventive combination of toys, games, songs and stories. Regular support from LEA advisor, Sheila Grady, the school MFL co-ordinator and AST, Teresa Miller, and from dedicated foreign language assistant, Lucia Ábalos, is used to build the confidence and language skills of the non-specialist classroom teachers.

LEA advisor Sheila Grady argues that MFL integrates very productively into KS1 schemes of work and that starting this early can only benefit teachers and pupils as the KS2 requirement approaches.

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