KS1/2 Maths – Problem Solving 2

How ICT can be used to help children understand problem solving Chris Randall, explains ‘Teacher of the Future’, an intervention plan to improve standards in Maths. The plan provides specialist skills in ICT and Maths teaching, and targets individual children.

Teachers use lesson plans authored by specialists and transferred to individuals through ICT. We see this planning and how Pali Nahal, specialist teacher, supports the class teacher before the lesson.

They discuss the barriers to children understanding problem solving. It comes down to involvement, and ICT helps. It can break down the text of a
problem and help to highlight the mathematical language.

Many children at this school have EAL, and physically ‘acting out the problem’ progresses their understanding.

Differentiation for some of the more able pupils is demonstrated and discussed; why not change the criteria of the problem? And can some children manipulate a problem purely mentally by the end of the lesson?

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