KS1/2 Maths – Maths for the Terrified: Involving Parents

A school tackles the problem of parents’ fear of maths Wylde Green Primary School in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, has recognised the findings of the Williams report, that parents are often terrified of maths and that this attitude is often passed down to their children. When combined with the school’s findings that children are only at school for 14% of their lives, it’s clear that parents play an important role in forming their children’s negative attitude to maths. To tackle this, the school has invited the parents in for workshops where they learn side by side with their children, picking up consistent methods and techniques to positively support maths at home. The school also provides them with a resource pack that contains whiteboards, number squares, mathematical games and a DVD produced by the school, to support current maths learning techniques. The programme highlights key recommendations from the Williams report seen in practice at Wylde Green School and at a pupil’s home.

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