KS1/2 Geography – Seven Severn Snapshots

A focus on the River Severn and the individuals it effects In just over 2 days a Welsh mountain stream travels 354 kilometres, transforming itself into the majestic Severn estuary. En route it has shaped the landscape, powered industry and impacted on the lives of millions of people.

Travelling downstream we explore seven snapshots of the River Severn, meeting the retired farmer who used to farm mountain sheep at the source, an Ordnance Survey field surveyor updating the map to include houses newly built on the riverbank in Newtown, the leader of the Environment Agency Team who designed the innovative portable flood defences at Bewdley and the last commercial barge skipper.

From waterfalls to meanders to the spectacle of the Severn Bore this is an engaging portrait of the upper, middle and lower courses of Britain’s longest river and those individuals who are influenced by it.

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