KS1/2 English – The Multilingual School

How a school environment celebrates its diversity through EAL To support EAL learning St Stephen’s Primary School in Newham has created a school environment which celebrates and reflects its local community.

There’s a rich mix of fabrics, artefacts and language on display, and parents are warmly welcomed as part of an open-door policy. The school also recruits multi-lingual staff.

Headteacher Jane Johnson explains the need to work closely with parents so they understand what is expected of them, what is going on in the classroom and how they can support their child’s learning at home.

Parents such as Mrs Patel appreciate the weekly Learning Library where they can borrow education games, videos and bi-lingual books and ask what is suitable for their children.

Joe Mathias, EAL coordinator, explains that every classroom has a home corner stocked with multicultural props. Children are encouraged to do plenty of speaking and listening in English and their home language. Wall displays reinforce the learning that is taking place.

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