KS1/2 English – Learning with Charlie

How will one lively six-year-old respond to a literacy class? Charlie B is a lively child, not academic but not so lacking in ability he warrants special support. Like many boys studying literacy at primary school level, it’s difficult for Charlie to stay consistently engaged. To gain an insight into the particular challenges facing some boys studying literacy at Key Stage 1, we go to Grays Infants School in Newhaven to take a look at what makes Charlie Barker tick. By focusing exclusively on his responses to a literacy class led by his teacher Ellie Clarke-Walker, we witness a warts-and-all learning journey from the perspective of one six year old boy. Observing and commenting on Charlie’s progress is Language and Communication Specialist, Katherine Gibbs. The lesson, which focuses on writing about the school trip to a local beauty spot, plays to Charlie’s strengths because the walk was an enjoyable, multisensory, active experience which he remembers clearly and about which he feels confident to write.

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