KS1/2 English – Drama in the Classroom

Improving reading and writing through the use of drama Drama can be used to improve children’s reading and writing.

Louise Blakemore of Gordon Junior School is reading ‘The Green Children’ by Kevin Crossley-Holland with her Year 6 class. She uses a range of drama techniques to help them engage more fully with the text and develop more insight into the characters. The techniques include Freeze Frame, Role on the Wall, Teacher in Role, Improvisation, Writing in Role and Decision Alley.

Teresa Grainger, Education Adviser, explains that 70 to 80 % of Key Stage 2 SATS is about what words mean and that these techniques allow the pupils to explore layers of meaning. This also extends their vocabulary which helps their writing.

Louise stresses that you don’t have to be an actor to use drama. What’s important is knowing the class well, knowing techniques and planing how to use them.

Teresa stresses the importance of building up slowly so that the children feel in a safe environment where no-one will laugh at them.

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