KS1/2 English – A Good Read – Man on the Moon

A Year 2 group fall for the picture book Man on the Moon What is it that ‘clicks’ when a book really works in the literacy classroom? A demanding Year 2 group is won over by the picture book ‘Man on the Moon’. Teacher Kerry Gallagher has used the layers of meaning and knowing that are hidden in the text and pictures to give her class a sense of secret belonging and ownership of the story and characters. Guardian children’s book reviewer and CLPE co-director Julia Eccleshare argues for the role of picture books in early literacy work, and author Simon Bartram shares some of his working methods with the class. There are no ‘literacy stars’ here; achievement is still very mixed, but the whole class has a new and happier relationship to books. Teachers are encouraged to trust their own judgement when choosing texts and to remember that literacy goes beyond narrow measures of reading and writing performance.

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