KS1/2 Drama – More than a Theatre Trip

A guide to performance workshops with a theatre educationalist Children from a Year 4 class from Snowsfield Primary School in Southwark visit the Unicorn Theatre in south London. They watch a play and then go into a post-performance workshop run by drama educationalist SharonAviva Jones. The play is about bullying and the children discuss their impressions of it before the workshop to help them explore the theme in more detail. Their headteacher and the artistic director of the Unicorn discuss the importance of a theatre visit as part of a rounded education. SharonAviva then explains what elements go into making a successful post-performance workshop. She discusses seven key ideas that are then illustrated by examples taken from her workshop. Ideas she discusses include how a teacher can ‘go into role’ clearly and convincingly, the use of ‘thought tracking’, and the benefit of focusing on a single incident or action.

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