KS1/2 Drama – A Workshop with Cecily O’Neill

An expert drama teacher offers practical tips for teachers Dr. Cecily O’Neill, an internationally-renowned expert on the use of drama in education, runs a workshop with Year 4 children, holds a discussion group with drama teachers, and oversees a workshop run by experienced drama teacher Sarah Nunn. Cecily uses these sessions to highlight various ideas that she hopes will help teachers create more inspiring drama lessons. The programme is aimed at the primary school level but many of the ideas could easily be applied to other age groups. Cecily is a leading figure in a movement called ‘process drama’ that aims to liberate teachers from rigid structure and focuses instead on creativity and fluidity. Ideas she discusses include the importance of using children’s ideas and incorporating them into one’s lesson plan, how to choose which role the teacher should play in a dramatic scenario, and the value of reflection.

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