KS1/2 Art – Whole-School Portrait Project

Exploring the theme of portraits from nursery to Year 6 Presented by Peter Sanders, a deputy headteacher and art co-ordinator, Whole School Portrait Project shows how the portrait theme is extended and developed by all the year groups at Lauriston School in Hackney, East London.

The concept of ‘portraits’ is taken beyond the boundaries of drawing and painting in less commonly practised ways, such as face painting in the nursery and large-scale 3D modelling with the older pupils. The programme explores how introducing new skills and working with a wide range of materials can produce diverse results.

One of the many benefits of doing a whole-school art project is the chance for pupils and teachers to see the variety of approaches and outcomes possible from a common starting point. It raises teachers’ awareness of different ways of working, which can be easily applied to other projects.

This is a resource that will inspire similar whole-school projects and provides information and ideas that will be of value to non-specialist teachers and managers.

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