KS1/2 Art – Think Like an Artist!

Building confidence and understanding in art and design At Raynsford Lower School in Bedfordshire, pupils are working on two different design projects designed to encourage them to develop appropriate vocabulary and explore form and function as they learn how to think like an artist.

The focus is on teaching pupils to analyse features of design e.g. scale, characteristics of materials, texture, use of space. The pupils use this understanding to analyse, plan, make, review, modify and evaluate work with confidence.

Year 3 pupils are looking at sculpture in public spaces and making maquettes for the unit ‘Can We Change Places?’. They explore and use shape, form, colour and pattern, and talk about how their ideas might improve the environment.

Meanwhile, in Year 4, pupils are finding out about chair design in their ‘Take A Seat’ project. They discuss what chairs tell us about everyday life and are challenged to design a chair for a favourite character.

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