KS1/2 Art – Great Paintings

Inspiring children across the curriculum using art At St John the Baptist Primary School, Bromley, Jo inspires a Year 2 group with animals and a Year 5 with story-telling in art. She uses her slide shows of great artworks to inspire children in ways that spread right across the curriculum.

Her first job is to win over her audience. She believes that to get the attention of the whole class you need to captivate the boys first, and there’s nothing better than a severed head to do that! Poussin’s ‘Triumph of David’ not only features the head of Goliath, but contains opportunities to take the children’s imagination to stories beyond the picture itself. Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ is an exciting opener for her animals theme for the Year 2s, and the class consider whether the tiger is hungry, or frightened of the lightning. She conducts the children making jungle sound effects and re-enacting scenes from other paintings. These are a few of the ways Jo animates her young audiences and brings great paintings to life.

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