KS1/2 Art – 2D Animation

Incorporating animation into primary education Is the effort involved in doing animation worthwhile? Make your own mind up, and get some great ideas on how to do it yourself, as we look at the different approaches to 2D animation used by two Bristol primary schools.

Vicky Cleeves at Fair Furlong Primary runs a series of after-school clubs for children keen to do animation. Suzie Azare at Bishopsworth Junior School is doing a concentrated 3 day animation project with her whole class. Both teachers are using animation as part of a creative cross-curricular approach to delivering art, ICT, literacy & maths. They start by making their characters and backgrounds, then film their animations using a video camera, a lap top & special animation software.

The teachers in these examples benefit from a local Creative Partnerships scheme, which in this case enables them to work with filmmaker Kari Nygaard, who helps guide both Suzi and Vicky through the process.

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